Thursday, April 23, 2009


We are in a work-through of acts I and II right now. Although the whole opera has been staged, it is all in 'roughed in' mode, and we (I) have a lot of work to do to fill in all the moment to moment stuff. The last time I did Figaro in English, my director was fond of saying 'blocking doesn't tell the story.' That has stuck with me over the years. The only way to tell the story is to be clear about your character's intentions and thoughts.

Blah blah. Mostly what I'm feeling tonight is the fact that we haven't had a day off since we got here and my brain has turned into mush (or, more appropriately, grits).

Amazingly, however, I managed to remember about 80 percent of my dance moves when we rehearsed Act III this afternoon. Not that I brought any grace to it, but hey, we've got six weeks 'til we open, right?

I love this music. Gotta go to make my Act II Finale entrance!


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