Saturday, May 2, 2009

Figaro # 2 tonight.

Well, I followed my opening night schedule pretty much to the letter on Thursday.  The show went quite well- everyone in the cast bumped it up a notch and we had a very energetic performance.  I felt quite good about the way I sang it, having oversung the dress.  In a misguided effort to make an overly big sound, I used up a lot of my vocal resources in the first act and was tired for the rest of the show.  At opening, however, I managed to sing well within my means the whole night and was MUCH happier with the result.  I think I sang 'se vuol ballare' better than I ever have before, but there were still moments of 'non piu andrai' that were too heavy.   Hopefully I can keep the mojo for tonight's show. 


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