Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Insane in the Mucus Membrane

After reading the mushy ending to my last post, my readership of one mistook my initials for the word Aw, which he was thinking after reading said mushy ending.  That made me laugh out loud- it's a good thing my nomme de blog isn't Farley Unger! 

Well, since returning from Louisiana, I've been hit with some nasty allergies.  There's a lovely layer of mucus sitting on my cords, and every time I take a breath to sing, I end up hacking up a rainbow of phlegmy flavors.  Can you have a smoker's cough if you don't smoke?  

Anyhoo, I've been focusing on reviewing my Italian.  I'm really looking forward to singing Figaro in the original language.  Before my mucus attack hit, I got some good practice sessions in, and it feels great.  Especially since I am being mindful of how I sing in the middle voice (I'm calling this Operation: Don't Sing Like An Idiot), I'm really looking forward to round two of Figaro.  This bout with mucus is making me very impatient!

It's given me a little time to do some reading though.  Modes and Manners, Beaumarchais in Seville, The Opera News book of Figaro (hilarious- I found it at a used book store in Eugene, OR).   It's nice to have a refresher on the context of this opera, although every time I sit down to read I think of an old grad school friend who always chastised me when he saw me researching a role.  "Oh, look at you, reading the source material for next year's opera.  Looks like you'll land a nice big role in that one, huh?"  Ah well.  

Here's hoping this allergy crap is over soon.  Until then...

AW - F.U.

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