Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Honesty Time part deux

Thanks for all the comments after my last neurotic post.  I was definitely a bit panicky after our first dress.  As I was reminded, this is just a step in the process.  You put a show together, and it falls apart as you add new elements.  It is then your job to put it back together.  But it you can't get it back all at once.  It comes in steps.

Monday night's orchestra dress was great.  It was fun, easy, and everything I wanted Sunday's rehearsal to be.  It was incredibly encouraging and was exactly what I needed after feeling so down after the first run.  

Last night's run was hard work.  It was not fun and easy, but it still worked, and at this point in the process that is great information to have.  With 12 performances (13 including tonight's final dress), there will be great nights and not-so-great nights, but if I can get through it with some level of consistency then I have done my job.  Right?

Tonight there will be an audience, and that should be fun.  We have a great cast and it is a funny show, so to have the audience energy will be great.  

Despite all my fears and doubts about this opera, I really do love singing it.  We have our final dress tonight, and a day off tomorrow.  


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