Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jabber Jabber Jabber

We had our sitzprobe for Barber on stage at the Cabot theatre last night.  It went really well, especially since it was the third day in a row I had sung the role full out.  I wanted to see what it would be like to sing out three times in a row to get ready for our monster 12-performance run (did I mention we have three shows in a row on the weekend?).  And though I felt a little tired and less than pristine, I have to say this role is starting to feel like it's in my voice.  I even feel pretty decent today- it kind of makes me think that I'm not singing wrong.  I know that's a horribly worded sentence.  Back off.  

Today is the blessed day off and I am giving my brain a chance to decompress before we enter the craziness of tech.  Tomorrow is our first rehearsal on stage.  We saw part of the set last night.  It's going to be cool, but I realized last night that we do an awful lot of running up and down a flight of stairs.  That was easy enough in the rehearsal room when they were just tape marks on the floor.  When I saw how high the stairs actually go last night, I got a little concerned.  I go up an down those damn stairs 2 or three times in the course of 'Zitti Zitti Piano Piano.'  Ah well.  It will be good exercise and will keep my mind off the crazy A naturals Rossini wrote for Figaro in that feisty little number.  

I also made my debut performance in the pit orchestra last night.  I was nervous, but in the end it made no difference because I was barely audible in the house.  The AV director is going to work on amplifying me so Greg (our Almaviva) can hear me better on stage.  I'm kind of looking forward to starting each performance in the pit.  It will keep me from pacing around the dressing room, getting nervous for Largo.  I won't have time to get nervous - I'll have to just put my guitar away, run upstairs and go.  I think that's a good thing.  

I'm going to leave the hotel now and enjoy this gorgeous day.  More later.  


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