Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fig, we hardly knew ye

10 1/2 months
5 productions
32 performances (12 of Barber, 20 of Marriage)
104 blog posts
2 colds
1 broken cell phone

This is my final day in my year of Figaro. It has been one crazy ride, and I'm a better person and most certainly a better singer for it. I have had some exceptional colleagues along the way- each production was its own unique experience thanks to these awesome people. I made some great new friends and became reconnected with some old ones. I got to eat crawfish in Louisiana, hike in the green mountains of Vermont, walk around Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia, and see all my old friends in Milwaukee. Milwaukee- the 2 shows that almost didn't happen- and here I am on the other side of that whole Skylight fiasco, about to close my second Figaro, an experience very few baritones have had. I am one lucky dude. And I am full of gratitude. Thanks friends. Thanks colleagues. Thanks people who were silly enough to hire me. Thanks Mozart. Thanks Beaumarchais. Thanks Erika.

I may have more to say to wrap this business up in the next few days/weeks. Afterwards, who knows? My year of Figaro is over, so I guess the blog is probably over too. I've really come to like ranting though, so I may just have to start a new one.

Now I'm going to seek out some greasy breakfast, finish packing up my car, sing my face off for the last time, and speed home to see my amazing wife and daughter. I'm back to my favorite role- Husband/Daddy. The part I was born to play.

Friends in the arts- peace.



  1. Congratulations on surviving the year of Figaro!

    I do hope you start another blog... I will miss your words otherwise...

  2. I've really enjoyed following your year of the Fig. Please do continue to blog...this one has been great! Have fun with your final performance and thanks for a great year of reading!!

  3. I echo above comment that I've really enjoyed stumbling across your blog and I certainly hope you get something else up and running soon! Peter said you were fab last week and I know from personal experience that his observation is not off mark- hope you had a great closing!!