Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hijinx ensue

We had a successful opening weekend by all accounts, and tonight we embark on performance week #2, and performance #4. We've garnered some pretty decent reviews from Tom Strini at Third Coast Digest as well as the Journal Sentinel. There's another decent review from the Shepherd Express. This guy is hilarious. It seems like he likes our show right? But he has to follow every complimentary statement with a somewhat deflating one. Does he think that people will only take him seriously if he throws in a barb here and there? Is he trying to flaunt his intellect, or maybe even manufacture his intellect? His is the sort of self-aggrandizing writing that reminds me of Good old Dominic Papatola from my own St. Paul. I don't even think these guys like theatre or music per se, but they looooove their writing. Hey, look who's talking? Who am I, Mr. Bloggerson, to point fingers.

There are still some scary moments vocally during this show, which is surprising considering how many performances I've done of it this year. It seems to settle a bit each time we do it, and I think we are definitely finding a groove. Sunday's matinee was the strongest performance for me, with a few hilarious exceptions. After singing what was my best 'se vuol ballare' yet in this run, I'm supposed to give a sarcastic bow in the Count's direction, pick up his boots, and storm out of the room. Bow. Boots. Storm. I bowed, knocked over his boots, bent over to pick them up (showing the audience my best side I'm sure), and slinked out of the room. Bow. Knock. Bend. Slink. Ugh.

During the Act IV finale when the Count is supposed to throw me to the ground, I accidentally stepped on the poor guy's foot. I turned to him as I went down and whispered 'sorry,' and as I did so, slipped on the heel of my shoe, did the closest thing to the splits I ever want to achieve, and knocked the crap out of my knee. Graceful, no?

Hey man, live theatre.

Let's have some fun tonight kids. What do you say?



  1. You can take some solace in knowing that Dominic is off doing good in the world as a loan officer...