Sunday, February 7, 2010

I approve this message

It could be because it was our sixth show tonight. Or it could be because of the non-sleep I've been getting at the Plazma Hotel. Or I could have just been on Mars. There were definitely more hijinx tonight. Oof.

It started in the first scene (why wouldn't it?) I unroll our mattress onto the floor and say, "Tell me the reason why you refuse the most convenient room in all the palace?" Susanna: "Because I am Susanna, and you're a blockhead!" Where I, just to illustrate her accusation, leap to my feet like a gazelle and nearly kill myself tripping on the mattress. Blockhead indeed.

The real gem happened in the recit before the Act III sextet. Marcellina says, "at last I'll be married to the man I adore." I run to the Count and I am supposed to say, "Your lordship, I appeal this judgment." What comes out is what feels like 5 minutes of stammering. I started to say "Your lordship I approve this message" but I knew that wasn't right. Then it was "Your lordship I disprove...." No, still not there. "Your lordship....." Meanwhile the Count (plus the entire audience) was looking at me like I had ten heads. Finally the line came out, much to my (and everyone's) relief. Not my best moment, but it is hilarious. It seemed like an eternity.

It looks like I may have to run my recits some more before tomorrow night's show.

Tomorrow night, you ask? The night of the Super Bowl? Yes. We, a Wisconsin opera company are going to be performing an opera on Super Bowl Sunday. I have a feeling we might be playing to crickets. Chances are it will be my best performance yet.

PS- it's fun again.


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