Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday: Skylight plays Mozart....

.....and Mozart loses.

I kid I kid I kid. Actually, we had a great show Sunday night, and our house sold pretty well- about 2/3 full- way better than any of us would have thought. I managed to remember all my lines this time (I didn't 'approve any messages'), and I think it may have been my strongest show vocally since we started the run. I had a friend in the audience (I could see him sitting right in the front row- jerk :-)) and I found myself playing a lot of the laughs for him. Translation: All of my schtick was amplified by ten to see if I could get a chortle out of him. Shameless? Yes. Tacky? You bet. Fun? Absolutely. My favorite moment in the show was when our Basilio/Don Cruzio yelled "Saints win" to the audience.

We have 5 more performances (longer than the entire run of most houses), starting with a student matinee at 11 this morning. I'm thinking back to the student matinee of Barber and how I was praying for a hurricane on Lake Michigan to cancel our show. Yikes. Mozart's Figaro is wayyyyy more comfy- especially at 11am (as Chaliapin used to say- "I can't even spit at that hour!").

We are definitely in the home stretch here. It's a little sad for me to think about saying goodbye to my old pal Fig. We've had some fun this year. 5 more.


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