Monday, July 6, 2009


Hope my readership had a wonderful Independence Day.  I spent the 4th at Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, where I witnessed the annual naturalization ceremony.  66 people became American citizens on the historic estate.  After they took the oath, they were allowed to come up and say what becoming an American meant to them.  It was incredibly moving.  One little boy who couldn't have been more than about 5 said "I love America.  It's the perfect place to be."  Anyhow, it's really good to be reminded of all the things we take for granted here in America every day.  

Also I couldn't help but be reminded as I was touring Jefferson' home (and wine cellar) that the Declaration of Independence was written a mere 10 years before Le Nozze di Figaro.  Context is good.  

Speaking of context, I have been able to see my colleagues open the Ashlawn season with Camelot.  It's a really nice space, newly renovated, and beautifully ornate.  The acoustic is pretty good, especially considering it used to be a movie theater.  

We are rapidly closing in on tech week here in C'Ville.  It's a bit of a scary notion at this point, but we have a good cast and I think we will pull it together for sure.  It is so odd to go back to English after having done it in Italian.  I find myself translating the Italian and trying to make a line out of it instead of singing the R & T Martin translation.  It's maddening, and I have to laugh because when I was in Lafayette, one of my colleagues was going through the exact same thing.  

The Skylight mess has made it to the NY Times. Also, there is a beautifully written piece here about why everyone is so up in arms.  


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