Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Openin'

We open Figaro tonight.  I've been sitting around the house, waiting all day.  I hate that.  I should really get a hobby or something.  The nerves are starting already.  Just part of the process.  

After tonight's performance, we have 9 days until the next one.  Crazy, no? Well, at Ashlawn, they used to do 10 performances, all outdoors.  Now, since they have moved into the historic Paramount Theatre, they have cut the number of performances, but kept the same basic schedule, leaving us with 4 shows spread out over 3 weeks.  Interesting.  

I'm looking forward to tonight.  A Year of Figaro will be pretty quiet this next week.  I'm heading home to see my girls!  

Here's something to tide my faithful readership over.  My Susanna, Ashley Logan, and I were stopped on the street the other day for the local weekly paper's question of the week.  We had some really astute answers.  Enjoy!


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