Thursday, January 21, 2010

Closing Wolski's

We had our sitz last night. The band sounded great- we're using piano/wind quintet arrangement, and it's surprising how quickly I accepted the absence of strings. After a few numbers, I didn't even notice. Hats off to our maestro who is also the pianist, and mostly conducting with his head, eyebrows, pony tail, whatever it takes.

Most of us reconnoitered at a place called Cafe Hollander for a post-sitz libation. It is essential to have nights like this once in a while where the cast can just blow off a little steam (the fact that they have Hennepin on tap is also a plus!). Afterwards, I took my Susanetta to go through a true Milwaukee rite of passage: closing Wolski's.

For the uninitiated, Wolski's is a dirty, smoky bar with bad lighting and wood paneling. It's next to impossible to find (which makes going there even more triumphant), and looks more like an old house than a commercial establishment. But once you're there and you're seduced by the free popcorn and the $10 pitchers of Pilsner Urquell, well, my friends, you have ignited a flame that is eternal. And to make public your love, the good people of Wolski's pass out "I closed Wolski's" bumper stickers at closing time. You've got to earn them, but the earning is so delicious.

Tomorrow we start tech, so I'm going to prepare by hanging out with friends and maybe seeing that Crazy Heart movie with Jeff Bridges.

Peace and bacon grease

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