Friday, January 22, 2010

Tech begins

He we are at our first spacing rehearsal in the theatre. Man that went by fast! I don't know why I'm always so surprised when tech rolls around, but I always am. All of the sudden it hits you- "oh, we're puttin' on a show here people."

The good news is that we are ready. Or will be ready.

We have a spacing call all night tonight, and are back for a big 10 hour call tomorrow. It's not a super tech-heavy show, so I don't foresee huge problems other than the normal tech tedium. The challenge (for me) is to stay in the game and try to use the rehearsal as much as possible instead of simply going through the motions because it's [only] tech.

Our poor Susanna is ill tonight and not with us, making for a really interesting show. It's kind of the "Das Konzept" version, where Susanna isn't there- just a ghost in the room that everyone still talks to. Don't laugh- it's been done in Germany, I just know it.

Sextet time.


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