Wednesday, January 13, 2010

il chittarino le suonerò

Finished staging Act III this afternoon and spent most of the evening session reviewing the Act II Finale. Through some sort of miracle, Susanna and I managed to get out of the wedding dance. Blasphemy, you say? Not really. In my experience, the wedding dance can range from really cool, to 'Ography 101 to way overcomplicated. Usually I'm a disaster because I'm trying to count out my vocal line (even after doing it a million times, I still have to count like a fiend since that whole section all sounds the same!!! You hack Mozart!), and so my mad dance skillz get hindered. In our production, Susie and I are enjoying a post-nuptial cuddle while the wedding party dances. It gives us a good vantage point to peep the Count's note business. Also, it's a nice tie-in to last fall's Barber- the wedding party is doing a slo-mo dance - a little homage to our zany and madcap Act I finale.

Some other cool tie-ins include shaving Cherubino (it's my new favorite bit- I've stole it unabashedly ever since the Green Mountain Figaro last July - Ellen, you still never told me who you stole it from?!?!?!), and of course, playing the guitar. I have accompanied my own recit for Se vuol ballare before on guitar (which was a ball!), but this time, I'm just strumming along with the band for a few measures. It's a fun moment- it totally works with the aria, and I don't have to worry about my chops like I did for Barber last fall! Just a couple of chords to punctuate my rage. That's really what power chords are all about no?

In other news, I had a cup of joe at the Plaza Café this morning and saw my favorite waitress Edna. My eyes lit up for a moment when I saw her limping, but, alas, no cast on her foot. I would hate for her to slip and hurt her foot again, but she just doesn't look totally put together without the cast. I may have to go back tomorrow and get some greasy eggs.

In other other news, my mucous has almost completely left the building. I have been persuaded by some cast members to get poked by needles (aka Acupuncture) to help alleviate my remaining symptoms. That should be a gas- I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe I can post a pic w/ needles hanging out of my nose.

All right, enough blather. I'm going to watch Conan stick it to NBC. Cheers, big ears.


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